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Tecxus Malaysia is one of the main distributors of AMARON Batteries in Malaysia. Changing the game on how car batteries are perceived, AMARON batteries not only look sleek and sexy, it is a zero maintenance battery that offers longer warranty periods compared to other brands. What is really hassle-free is the fact that you have an app to know if your battery is an expired piece when you register it at the time of purchase via a barcode on the battery. So you know now, what you purchased is a fresh piece.

Why Amaron Batteries

That's where AMARON creates the distinction. Our batteries are equivalent to the function. So with an AMARON battery under your hood, you know that your vehicle will start without a problem.

High Cranking Power


High Heat Tolerance

Vibration Resistance

Improved Safety

Long Life

Highest Reserve Capacity

Factory Charged - Ready to Use

Beyond Batteries

With AMARON, the changes did not stop with the way batteries were manufactured. In our constant endeavour to satisfy our customers experience we remodeled the retail and service aspects as well, that is the sole reason why we are very happy to introduce the AMARON app to make our customer experience a good one. There will be more updates and features on the app in the future which will benefit all our customers.

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